Executive Coaching

I also do some targeted and tailored executive coaching support for new and experienced school district leaders in the following areas:

Leadership Entry

For new superintendents and leadership team members or experienced superintendents who are trying to gain insight into the strengths and challenges in their organizations. I can support you in crafting your leadership entry plan with a focus on collaborative learning and sense-making, which will set the stage for making equity-focused change.

Strategy Development

For new or experienced superintendents and leadership team members who are working on developing strategy or pivoting strategy at a crucial time. I can support you in the process of collaborative strategy development that galvanizes your community for positive change.

Team Development

For new or experienced superintendents and their leadership teams who are working on strengthening routines for organizational learning. I can support you in establishing ways of working that foster the trust and psychological safety necessary for collaborative problem solving and risk taking.


 “During my second year as a superintendent, I had the privilege of being coached by Dr. Cheatham.  Her coaching was tailored to my needs and proved invaluable.  It coincided with my efforts in crafting a five-year strategic plan, during which she provided insightful feedback that significantly enhanced the plan’s quality.  Moreover, she skillfully coached me through challenges that arose and consistently emphasized the importance of self-care in my leadership journey.  I am grateful for having had such a considerate coach and mentor.”

– Dr. Almi Abeyta , Superintendent, Chelsea Public Schools, MA

“Dr. Cheatham provided valuable guidance in navigating conflict while aggressively advocating for equity during politically turbulent times. The exchange of lived experience and the ability to generate solutions together made our relationship unique and valuable. It was an honor to have her as my executive coach.”

-Dr. Vivian Ekchian, former superintendent, Glendale Unified School District, CA

“My first two years as superintendent I engaged Jennifer as my executive coach.  With her assistance I was able to develop and implement a strong entry plan and multi-year strategic plan.  Her knowledge and support during my first two years better prepared me to lead a District of over 5,000 students.  Our coaching sessions were a critical part of my success.”

– Anthony Soto, Receiver/Superintendent, Holyoke Public Schools, MA

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