Leadership Work

Program Leader

I currently lead two programs (with two amazing co-chairs) – an Ed.M. program for emerging leaders in education and a program for senior leaders in urban school districts nationwide. You can learn more about these programs and mine the tremendous resources that both programs have to offer.

Education Programs

Co-Chair of the Public Education Leadership Project

The Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) aims to increase its intellectual contribution to the field through expanded partnerships among Harvard faculty, doctoral students and the field. With its core focus on strategic decision making in large urban school systems, PELP offers an extraordinary opportunity to develop new knowledge that extends Harvard’s intellectual contribution to the field across schools and disciplines, expands the connection to useful knowledge by its doctoral programs and students, and influences the work of the largest school systems in the country, with implications for public education as a whole.

Co-Chair of the Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship Program

Whether you seek to manage a complex learning organization or team, launch an entrepreneurial venture, or drive an initiative that sparks new possibilities within an existing school, district, or network, the Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship (ELOE) Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education will help you become an effective, strategic, and innovative leader within the field. Our program prepares you with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead with impact in diverse roles, including preK–12, higher education, the nonprofit sector, government, and philanthropy. With a focus on change management, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurial principles, this program equips you to envision, enact, scale, and transform.

More Leadership Work

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